You Probably Downloaded This EP

by The Down And Outs

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released November 25, 2011



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The Down And Outs Providence, Rhode Island

Skatepunk from Providence, RI,

Booking info:
Paul 401-743-0162
Jayson 401-489-1933

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Track Name: 50 Years of 9 to 5
Your future is set in solid stone
Turn off your brain give up control
We are the voices in your head
We tell you that it's time to GO!
Become the routine the day to day
Conform for mediocre pay
Why bother living out your life
Just sell your time and fade away

Tell me that there's more to life than 50 years of 9 to 5
Not me
Existence in short supply of intelligence and open minds
Not me
Tell me that there's more to life than 50 years of 9 to 5
Behind a desk waiting to die
I'm half awake and half alive

Just aim low
Fit the mold
You'll be fine
When I was a kid they said to me
Achieve your goals follow your dreams
So don't expect me to apologize for not growing up to hate my life

So is this the life that's meant for me
To sell out my personality
To make money for stuff I don't need
Just a puppet hanging on it's strings
Track Name: Head and Heart (ft. Roger from Less Than Jake)
Wake up and smell the ignorance inside your head
It's not a fucking contest you can win
Life bound to hip sounds appealing to the crowd
Honesty and ethics not allowed

Are you guys on drugs?
Whats with this compromise of morals?
Are you leading with your head and with your heart?
Who am I to judge but isn't doing what you love supposed to be the fucking point?
Decisions better made using your head and with your heart

Tell us all a story
Open minds
Give us all a glimpse of you
And what you have inside
Life seems so simple atop that wave you ride
Tomorrow you'll be washed out with the tide

It's not a fashion statement
It's not a plan to "get big"
It's what I have to give
A contribution to the grand scheme
You've only got a lifetime to indulge create and do the things that make you feel alive
And I know before I die I can say at least I tried
Track Name: You Probably Downloaded This Song
Remember when the music still had value?
Back before the record shop was online
Remember when audible art was worth your time and in our hearts?
And more than just a double-click away

Maybe I just can't get with the times
In a culture where the music isn't worth a dime
My heart is on my sleeve and victim to your delete key
It's probly safe to say...
You downloaded this song anyway
Track Name: The Spark
Familiar things make sense to me
Only in your presence
In your company
The summer is just a little warmer here
I wish the days were twice as long
But Florida weather and rotation is not enough to cease this energy
It's over when you break from my embrace

I'd never change it a bit
If the whole world drove us to break in two
I'd give it all away to be with you
Always here just to ensure
You always know just how it feels to know you're not alone

Understand I can't get through a day
And lets be don't need me
I'm twice the person cause of you
You give me meaning give me fuel
You are the spark you are the light
You are the kerosene that burns my fire bright
You are the spark you are the light
The fucking reason why
Back at the start knew it was right
I'm grateful for the opportunity to have you waste your time on me

It's not a matter of how I explain it to you
Just understand every word I say
The universe falls apart without you
The awful things that you make okay
You are the spark you are the light
The reason why
Track Name: Derail
Say to me what you will
I will come to you no more
I'll find my own way through the dark this time
Without you by my side
Reflect take in what you know and can recall of me
Cause that's all you've got left

This is the end for you and me
But you're so blind
That you can barely see it
Right before your eyes
So say your last goodbye
Cause this is all I wrote
It's all I have to say
This is the end for you and me

It isn't ego
It isn't pride
What motivates you leaves my guts in knots
I have no ticket for your train wreck
I won't be here when you derail
So just derail

And you still come back for more
How many times have I told you?

This is the end of you and me
So long goodbye no re-beginning
You're not the human being that I believed in from the start
You should have been there till the end
My colleague brother trusted friend
But there's nothing left in me that can hold onto you
So I'm saying goodbye to you

This is the end